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Meditra 3.0 Released

SemLab’s leading triage solution Meditra is about to further raise the standard for medical decision support as the 3.0 version of the application has reached completion. In addition to the fully intuitive graphical interface, and advanced fuzzy reasoning, this version adds an intelligent visual progress monitor cum navigation bar that keeps track of the triage process, summarizes all relevant information and provides instant access to all parts of the program.
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Furthermore, the 3.0 version adds advanced integration support both for HL7 based communication platforms as to ActiveX based systems, and is available in two versions that each support the unique workflow of either physical or telephone based triage.

We are confident that with this release the Meditra application, already praised for it’s clear and user friendly interface, has again made the difficult job of medical triage a little easier. Together with the unique content of the Netherlands’ Triage System, combining the urgency assessment of ambulance dispatching, General Practioners and Hospital emergency rooms, Meditra is a major contribution to patient safety and readily available to support millions of emergency calls worldwide.

More information is available on www.semlab.nl or contact our product support directly at sales@semlab.nl.