About us

Semlab is an Artificial Intelligence Deployment company, using the latest NLP technology e.g. LLM and Generative AI. We make decision support applications based on language technology software, specifically for Fintech, Legaltech and Healthcare.

Semlab was founded in Sept. 2000,  at exactly 136 meters from the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Starting from a strong background in knowledge management and business development we have built the company into Europe’s main developers of semantic software applications. Today we have one of the largest group of expertise’s in Natural Language Processing-, Computational Linguistics- and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

We invest heavily in the creation of leading edge technology, by joining forces with leading research organisations and institutes and most importantly: innovative people.

We build applications from scratch for high risk and high yield knowledge based business processes in finance, healthcare media and governmental organisations, solving their most challenging data problems. Our customers regularly benchmark our product against some of the biggest names in software development and we are proud to say that we haven’t lost a bid yet.

We currently deliver a large suite of software, but we are not done yet. The process of transforming data challenges into solutions is just that: a process, not a task to be completed. As the technology grows and evolves, so do the people at Semlab and so does our software.

Our working atmosphere contains a mix of an engineering and academic culture. We are at the leading edge of semantic web technology and like to reflect that in our new employees. As we are delivering top notch software, we are also enjoying social activities:

SemLab indoor/outdoor non-coding activities


We are ‘green’ company. We strive to use the most environmentally healthy alternative for each of our business processes. We are housed in an A+ energy efficient building, use energy from renewable sources, over 95% of our work related travel is done using public transport and have been running a virtually paperless office for over 20 years.

We are constantly looking for improvements in our products, our process and in our people. We hire people to have an opinion and be creative. If you have a great idea and the will to see it through, you can effect great change. If your idea makes the most sense, that’s what we’re doing, regardless of the seniority or role of the person presenting it.

If you are a developer, knowledge engineer or salesperson, please check out our current vacancies. If you are a potential user of our technology, refer to our work for an overview of ongoing projects and contact us for a free demonstration.