CloudView allows users to visually browse very large data archives and enables you to actually find “the needle in the haystack”.

Do you trust your keyword search engine to find the document you need. Do you believe that their number one listed result is really the best document for you? Or are you sometimes wondering what your search engine is hiding.

Semlab’s powerful big data exploration interface liberates the knowledge worker from the black box search engine. It empowers knowledge workers to decide for themselves what document they decide to select for further study.

Our visual browsing interface presents all documents in your archive at once in a clear visual interface. This allows users to create a clear mental picture of the archive available for their task. It supports filtering on important aspects of your data and allows you to zoom from a view containing millions of data points all the way down to the actual unabridged document text – all in an easy accessible smooth web interface.

A live beta version of an example applicatin showing Dutch criminal case law is available here, but as it is under heavy development, features may not be available at all times.

Due to its nature, this application is available in Dutch language only.

If you are interested in this application or its technology please contact us for a full demonstration of our semantic text processing capabilities.