DocChain – distributed ledger for documents. SemLab serves financial-, health- and legal service industry with blockchain- and artificial intelligence decision support solutions. With the latest developments in distributed ledger technologies, SemLab delivers added value in non-cryptocurrency blockchain technologies.

Semlab is currently researching the use of persistent distributed ledger technology (aka Blockchain) for secure document distribution. We feel that the possibilities offered by the blockchain model, especially the fact that a single trusted party is no longer a prerequisite to provide trusted services, offers many interesting opportunities.

The challenges in our DocChain project are dealing with the fundamental differences in the storage of sizable and mutable content compared to small immutable crypto currency transactions. To enable document storage the data system must support updates and deletions which seem to be inconsistent with the current generation of blockchain solutions. However, we feel that using a novel way to incorporate smart agents into the block, and empowering them with conditional abilities to update stored content, may well solve this challenge. This would lead to a realm of novel applications for our target markets in financial-, health- and legal service industry. E.g. Reference Data for Finance, Non-Disclosure Agreements for Legal and secure personal health records.

If you are interested in this application or its technology please contact us for a full demonstration of our blockchain technology for secure document distribution.