Local Sentiment

Local Sentiment shows the sentiment of Dutch Twitter messages and regional newspaper articles of a single day.

Our Local Sentiment showcase application illustrates the possible use of our semantic news processing technology. This application connects to the live RSS news feeds of Dutch local newspapers and the Twitter accounts of Dutch local authorities and processes their messages according to a positive/negative sentiment detection heuristic.

The resulting sentiment is plotted in the map at the location of the city or village that is most prominently mentioned in the text. The sentiment value is color coded according to the common convention of positive/green versus negative/red. The size of the circles corresponds to the number of news messages that were published for the specific location on the current day.

A live beta version of this application is available here, but as it is under heavy development, features may not be available at all times.

Due to its nature, this application is available in Dutch language only.

If you are interested in this application or its technology please contact us for a full demonstration of our semantic text processing capabilities.