MyHealth – healthy food / healthy life. SemLab has successfully executed MyHealth1.0 co-funded by the European Union in collaboration with Nokia Health. This +€2 Million project enables citizens to benefit from personal nutrition and health data.

Personal health data is now available in abundance with the maturity of wearable sensors and the new EU food labeling regulation 1169/2011. To ensure privacy, this project uses encrypted data and automatic health agents. The main deliverable is an application in which the agents monitor live personal data to identify health risks and prompt the users to take corrective action when required.
Nokia Health provides data from various activity tracking devices, including connected scales, activity tracker watches, wireless blood pressure and smart thermometers. The selected health data are activity, sleep, weight, oxygen in blood and blood pressure.

SemLab leverages food data from intelligent grocery list applications and check-out receipts (self-scan smart phone). Together with the known family composition, eating habits and European food composition databases, the project developed an algorithm to determine optimal personal nutrition intake. Combining the activity- and nutrition data it allows the consumer to realize their heath goals: lose weight, eat healthier, get more active and sleep better. The application is designed to monitor trends, track progress, and improve over time.

The live beta application is available at

If you are interested in this application or its technology please contact us for a full demonstration of our healthy nutrition tracking technology.