MyHealth empowers individual healthcare by intelligently combining personal health related information to protect and enhance your personal health.

MyHealth changes the way we share information about our personal health. Currently, individuals tend to keep health matters private event if this may not be in their best interest. MyHealth creates an inherently secure platform upon which the user can anonymously share information with autonomous health agents. The health agents are programmed with state-of-the art medical information and continuously monitor your health information to identify potential health risks and prompt the user to take corrective action when required.

By sharing your personal health data with the system, you ensure 24/7 anonymous monitoring of your health status and early detection of possible risk. By personally defining the conditions when your health related data may be shared with a human professional for expert advice, you ensure maximum protection of your privacy while without exposing yourself to any unwanted health risk.

The personal health system has three major components.

The interface layer:
Data input interfaces gathering information about an individual’s health. This ranges from connecting to available data (health records, activity schedules), wearable sensors or mobile apps where data about nutrition or exercise can be entered. In addition also global relevant data will be gathered (weather , air pollution) which can be relevant for specific health conditions.
Output interfaces presenting personalized information in mobile health apps, suggesting behavior (menu, exercise, visit a care provider) or contacting suitable care provides, (professionals, family) by sms or email. The system also allows you to share specific aspects of your health related data with professionals (from expert monitoring) or with a social group to benefit from your peers to improve your behavior towards a better health.

The intelligence layer:
Intelligent health agents monitor your health data and decide based on your personal situation, preferences and privacy thresholds when to take action. These actions are all targeted to improve your health status now or reduce long term risk. The actions may range from presenting you with personalized suggestions about healthy living and exercise or, in case of a critical condition, automatically contacting healthcare providers.

The data repository:
A data repository storing (references to) all health related information.