Project: COVID-19 Sentiment & Prediction insights with advanced artificial intelligence

The consortium wants to develop a solution to identify, quantify, classify and predict objective- and subjective information from multi lingual disparate COVID-19 sources of information. The aim is to establish real-time COVID-19 events insights for healthcare and industry. The (un-) structured data includes speech-, images-, video-,text-, quantitative- and device data. Data sources are very broad in order to cover all relevant aspects of the virus impact on health, well-being, work and economy. Data sources are Reuters/Bloomberg- and local emerging news, Open Government Data, including COVID-19 virus detection Sewer Data, WHO Health emergency data, aggregated patient data, health informatics, health-, vaccin-, virology-, epidemiology publications, (macro-)economy data, stock market data, volatility time series datasets, gold/crypto/oil/natural gas pricing, commercial traffic, foot-traffic and commuter traffic data, health apps, wearables, tracking apps, triage & healthcare calls, search/trends/topic events open emerging rooms data in all European languages.
The aggregated (meta-)data sourcing is annotated and curated from disparate sources. The data is anonymized and GDPR compliant and presented in a multi-user friendly dashboard.

Fighting COVID-19 with AI
Artificial intelligence within COVID-19 driven data analytics is a new domain. The amount of data was in the beginning of May insufficient for machine learning research. By mid-May data has exploded and so machine learning can be introduced on a high recall and high precision level. Therefore the consortium has made their proprietary data available for innovation activities. This includes anonymization and aggregation of the data. The platform enables disparate data to be integrated, cleaned, and harmonised in order to develop the single source of truth that will support decision-making processes at a variety of users, strategy development in COVID-19 world without a vaccine for corporations, governments, health institutes and industry.
By aggregating all data forms an unique, never seen before, data archives will be created. With advanced artificial intelligence tools including machine learning, natural language processing, knowledge graphs, data extraction and data visualisation tools the incoming data can be processed in an innovative dashboard, enabling analytics, surveillance and prediction to multiple users. The market potential of up-to-date, overall trustful insights is valuable for the industry dealing with different situations and extreme volatility of corona driven events.

We are looking for AI tech companies adding value to the project with machine learning, natural Asian-language processing, data visualization and/or Asian Textual Archives languages. Other interesting organizations are large commercial organization to validate the project results and willing to incorporate the results.

If you are interested in this project please contact us for a more information