DocReview – AI driven Legal Due Dilligence, CDD Customer Due Diligence en KYC Know Your Customer. Co created with leading Due dilligence experts Semlab presents the first AI driven rapid document review system that automatically creates comprehensive reports of the most common legal issues related to corporate mergers and take-overs.

Use the secure data interface to upload your data. Within seconds, the advanced language technology algorithms process your documents to detect relevant findings. DocReview is trained to detect over 1000 legal findings ranging from exclusivity in commercial contracts to real estate issues. All documents are processed fully automatically. No human operator ever reads the content of your documents. After processing, the documents are annotated to highlight relevant sections and sent to the user interface for your review.

If you choose to manually check the findings, the DocReview webapplication provides various tools. The easy to use interface presents all documents according to document type. It allows you to filter documents according to the specific type of issues that were detected. Using the detected issues as a guide you can quickly jump to the sections where issues were detected. Here you can choose to accept, change or reject a finding. Once you gain experience with the detection quality of DocReview, you can select the option to accept the findings in a specific document all at once.

DocReview combines the findings into conclusions and generates a draft report. This report can be exported in all common document formats to be used in your favorite text editor for final layout and completion.

DocReview is currently available as a live beta. Please refer to the DocReview product page for more information.

If you are interested in this application or its technology please contact us for a full demonstration.