Topic Sentiment

Real-time news sentiment about major (sports) events is one of the many applications of our ViewerPro semantic analysis technology.

Example showcase applications are the Football sentiment application that was targeted around the 2014 World championship and the Cycling sentiment application for the 2014 Tour de France.

Our sentiment applications are unique in capturing the semantics of the news message, and are able to differentiate the sentiment according to any set of aggregation topics desired by the user. For example, from a single news message we can capture that the current results of an athlete are positive but that the sentiment regarding an injury is negative etc. This allows for much more accurate and informative sentiment analysis compared to traditional black-box solutions.

Both applications capture sentiment from live news posts on the major Dutch news sites and blogs. Any sentiment expressed is scored in real-time and added to the visualizations providing an at-a glance overview of the current status. Furthermore, the interface provides easy filtering of specific athletes or teams and allows comparing two subjects at any level (athlete vs athlete, team vs team, country vs country etc).

The transparent open-box approach of ViewerPro allows easy development of any topic specific sentiment application. We currently support both English and Dutch but can include any major language using machine translation solutions.

A live version of these applications is available here. If you are interested in this application or its technology please contact us for a full demonstration of our real-time semantic text processing capabilities.