ViewerPro – Semantic analysis

ViewerPro is the trade name of our powerful in-house developed semantic text processing platform.

The core functionality of this platform is to link to one or more text sources as input, to process the input according to an ontology and to output the resulting events in a predetermined format.

SemLab’s unique proposition is that our client may define any part of this process. The sources can be freely selected, the ontology can be devised to represent the client’s business logic and the output format can be modified to meet any preexisting specification. We even provide simple tools to allow each customer full control over their knowledge base, enabling them to model proprietary business logic without the need to share their knowledge with us.

This flexible set-up has the added benefit that this technology can be applied to any domain and any market. It has been successfully applied by us to gain access to financial news messages, but also to ease the burden of government knowledge workers in processing large volumes of document.
Typical areas of application for this technology are: sentiment analysis, semantic search, data extraction, text visualization, document clustering, summarization, etc.

If you are interested in learning more about our technology, please contact us or refer to the links on the right side of this page for more examples of using ViewerPro to process financial news messages.