Data extraction financial figures

Our data extraction technology converts any text message into an itemized data object containing all relevant facts and figures of the original message.

Financial news is commonly regarded as one of the mains sources of information for stock trading. Especially press releases often contain market moving information that needs to be digested quickly in order to take appropriate action.

As described in other sections our ViewerPro platform enables our customers to extract the semantic of finance news messages quickly and send the results as computer readable events to a desktop for viewing or a trading platform for immediate action.

If the semantic content of a news message is not enough, our platform also offers the functionality to
capture and extract specific quantitative properties of the detected events.

A usecase of this functionality is the extraction of financial figures like dividend, EPS and profit from corporate statements. For each financial statement financial figures are extracted. Per financial figure, like a dividend-payout, all relevant information regarding the payout is extracted automatically. This relevant information contains the actual paid dividend value, the year, etc.

In this case the free text message is converted into an itemized data feed containing all relevant facts and figures of the original message. And since our systems are built on the state of the art multicore clustering architecture, the conversion can be scaled down to sub milliseconds per sentence.

If you have any questions about this section or about using ViewerPro semantic processing and data extraction in general , please contact us for a free demo of our software.