The NewsTape provides a live stream of breaking news events of all major European and U.S. equities. Its unique design supports at-a glance insight into the potential market moving events and keeps you ahead of the competition.

The NewsTape displays both the sentiment and semantics of the most recent news events in current breaking financial news. Scrolling from right to left, the tape banners provide increasingly more detail about the detected event. The payload contains:

  • Company ticker symbol
  • Red, gray or green color indicating positive, neutral or negative sentiment associated with the event
  • Proprietary icons providing visual information about the nature of the event
  • The impact of the event on an -5 to +5 scale
  • The time since the event was published
  • The name of the event
  • The sentence of the original news message in which the event was detected.

The NewsTape is powered by ViewerPro, Semlab’s leading-edge semantic text processing platform and is available in many customizable formats including Market specific events, sector based events, macro-economic events etc. and available to be incorporated into your corporate communication.


For more information please contact us to discuss the many opportunities using Semantic text processing.