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March 17, 2020

CoronaTriage wordt nu volop gebruikt

Vorige week hebben onze applicatie engineers het corona protocol van het RIVM in de Meditra triagesoftware geprogrammeerd. We zijn nu een week verder en vele eerste- en tweedelijns zorgmedewerkers gebruiken de gratis beschikbaar gestelde triagetool. We zullen deze service blijven aanbieden zolang hier behoefte aan is. Elke verandering die het RIVM maakt zullen we zo snel mogelijk verwerken zodat de gebruiker altijd de laatste inzichten heeft.

Coronatriage kunt u vinden op het volgende adres:

Voor de reguliere NTS  triagesoftware ga naar:




January 22, 2019

SemLab €4 Million AI-driven research project open for participation to improve quality of life after cancer treatment with health & wearables data.

SemLab € 4 Million Research project  ”Artificial Intelligence for monitoring health status  combining big data from new sources of health data including mobile health apps & wearables, social-, nutrition- and health records data”. The project is now open for participants within oncology or data driven organizations.

Challenge: AI (Artificial Intelligence) can provide new opportunities to define statistical and clinical significance, but present also challenges as it requires specific analytical approaches.  Cancer treatment Information will not only be collected from traditional sources (cohorts, comprehensive electronic health records and clinical registries) but there is a fast growing number new sources which will be useful to include. Semlab indicated emerging sources from personalized mobile health apps and wearables and sources from other areas such us nutrition, social, environmental data. After informed consent this data from disparate sources effectively monitor health status of individual patients, provide overall actionable insights at the point of care and improve quality of life after the cancer treatment.

Outcome: The project outcome determining and monitoring the combined effects of cancer treatment, environment, lifestyle and genetics on the quality of life, enabling early identification of effects that can cause development of new medical conditions and/or impair the quality of life.

Bram Stalknecht: We focus on how to better acquire, manage, share, model, process and exploit big data using, AI to effectively monitor health status of individual patients, provide overall actionable insights at the point of care and improve quality of life after the cancer treatment.

Participation: Semlab already have good quality partners, but we are open to discuss participation from Oncology Hospitals, Post-oncology Organizations, Pharmaceutical Companies and Health app & wearables Manufacturers. Other companies with relevant data (social, environmental, etc.) are also welcome to discuss participation.
This is a € 4 Million EC-funding Research and Innovation project proposal.

Contact: For more info please contact our sales dept:


March 26, 2009

ViewerPro for early health risk warning

SemLab is currently proposing a joint research effort, backed by the European Community to deploy their leading event extraction platform ViewerPro in the health risk domain.

SemLab will be leading a consortium of top level technology companies and academia to realise the next level in media monitoring. This project will include speech-to-text functionality, full support for multilinguality, self-learning event extraction and simulation-based event risk assessment.