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October 5, 2012

Funds trading on sentiment. Does it work?

A recent survey (posted on Battle of the Quants, London, Sept. 10) indicated that 30% of USA hedge funds are employing some type of sentiment analysis in their trading models. Many multi-factor based quantitative hedge funds are adding a sentiment factor to reflect how markets are reacting more often to headlines, fear and greed vs. fundamentals. Other trading strategies are going further and relying purely on sentiment to trade the markets. SemLab News Analytics Solution VIEWERPRO  providing sentiment output for many trading models and markets.

To investigate the alpha generation for your trading activities, we are offering evaluation projects. Please contact sales at semlab d ot nl and find out how best to leverage sentiment to drive returns


April 19, 2012

‘From Analytics to Alpha’

Click on the image for the original webpage, or use the links below for more information and to register.

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March 14, 2012

SemLab, the leading news analytics vendor at the Battle of the Quants in New York, March 27th and 28th!


Join SemLab at the official 2-day Battle of the Quants event in New York! Quantitative investors, high frequency traders and multiple managers gather to discuss and exchange information about cutting edge quantitative strategies when mining big data and incorporating sentimental analysis into quantitative methodologies. This event is unique because it provides a fascinating and wide ranging understanding of why quantitative finance is becoming increasingly relevant to everyday trading.

Gain knowledge, participate in high-anticipated workshops and meet other experts in the business. Join us at Christie´s Rockefeller Center in New York on March 27th and 28th!

SemLab will discuss news analytic innovations for a low latency, multi asset class trading environment.
Interested in ViewerPro? View the ViewerPro page  ViewerPro

Challenged to join Battle of the Quants?


November 29, 2010

SemLab website redesigned

The SemLab website has been redesigned. The new website is more easy to navigate, with information that is concise and with updated graphics. The two flagship products, ViewerPro and Meditra now have their own dedicated sections, and there are separate pages dedicated to our research projects and careers.

Have a look at SemLab’s new website


August 24, 2010

Vacature: Java Developer

SemLab is een groeiend kennisintensief en innovatief softwarebedrijf met hoogopgeleide medewerkers.
SemLab heeft een internationale klantenkring, die bestaat uit de grootste financiële services organisaties in Europa. Ook klanten in Nederland worden bediend met beslissingsondersteunende applicaties waarbij het er om draait de beschikbare informatie juist te interpreteren en snel de juiste actie te ondernemen.
Of het nu gaat om patiëntenzorg of de handel in derivaten, SemLab’s nieuwste software applicaties ondersteunen de professional met de juiste informatie om snel tot het optimale resultaat te komen.

SemLab maakt nu een grote groei door en zoekt per direct een:


SemLab zoekt een enthousiaste software developer met ruime kennis van Java.

Heb je een HBO of academische opleiding in software ontwikkeling? Heb je ruime ervaring met ontwikkelen in Java en lijkt het je interessant om te werken aan taaltechnologiën of beslissingsondersteuning? Neem dan contact met ons op voor een uitdagende baan.

We bieden een interessante functie met doorgroeimogelijkheden, een marktconform salaris en leuke collega’s.


Mail naar of bel naar 0172 494 777 en vraag naar Dr. Mark Vreijling.

Acquisitie op deze functie wordt niet op prijs gesteld.


May 22, 2010

SemLab starts several International Projects in Financial News Analysis

In the coming months Semlab’s ViewerPro system for automated semantic analysis of financial news, will be used by several international financial organisations in Japan, the USA, France, Germany, the U.K and the Netherlands.

ViewerPro processes incoming financial news events and determined the impact of messages on equity portfolios.


April 22, 2009

ViewerPro Core

ViewerPro Core provides a software solution that takes you straight to the ‘core’ of ViewerPro’s news interpretation technology. Viewerpro Core enables you to benefit from ViewerPro’s semantic analysis technology without having to be involved with the modelling of business logic or administrator tasks.

The new Core-version of the ViewerPro program offers an elegantly simplified viewer for keeping up to date with financial news impacts on the selected equity-portfolios of your preference, without any of the more advanced modeling tools. This makes ViewerPro Core easy to use and ideal for your customers that are in need of reliable and real-time news impact evaluation.