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February 15, 2011

Final SOLIM project meeting in Istanbul, Turkey


The SOLIM project (Spatial Ontology Language for multimedia Information Modelling) is nearing completion. This week the project partners will meet in Istanbul to discuss the project results and possible future projects.

During the project we have developed two proof of concept applications that show the advantages of using spatial ontology languages for Image Search and Machine Translation technologies.


August 23, 2010

SOLIM project submits research paper

Part of the SOLIM project’s research results have been submitted as a research paper entitled “The use of OWL for Spatial Knowledge based Applications” in the Semantic Web journal.

The paper was written by representatives of SemLab, Tilde, Picsearch and AGMLab. In this paper it is demonstrated that the use of OWL and spatial reasoning tools – despite shortcomings – enables effective storage of, and reasoning with spatial information by use of a hybrid solution. The utility of this solution will be illustrated by its application in two diverse domains; automatic processing of textual information and querying of graphical information, in machine translation and image searching applications.


August 20, 2010

SOLIM project in last phase

The Solim project for spatial reasoning has entered the last phase, in which the technology developed will be implemented into two POC applications for evaluation. The two applications that will utilise the spatial reasoning technology are Picsearch’s Image Searching system and Tilde’s Machine Translation system.


October 5, 2009

Solim project meeting in Riga

The Solim project’s spatial reasoning system has been in development for one year and Semlab, Picsearch and AGMlab will meet their partner Tilde at their office in Riga this week to discuss the project’s future.

Last year, the project members have determined the application’s requirements and designed the language, reasoner, translation and image search functionality of the proof of concept (PoC) application. In the coming year, these separate elements will be implemented in order to build the final application.

For more information: Solim Project website


March 23, 2009

Semlab researches spatial reasoning in Solim project

The Solim project is now well on its way. Semlab, with partners Picsearch, Tilde and AGMlab are researching the possibilities of image-based content management.

The objective of the Solim project is to improve context-aware information analysis by expansion of state of the art ontology languages and their support for automated reasoning by adding a spatial dimension. This will enable semantic systems to venture beyond a static world and add the concepts of space and change.

Current technological tools for describing semantic knowledge are incapable of adequately supporting automated reasoning on the inherent spatial properties of concepts. Information with a spatial component can be described by using an ontology that treats locations as ordinary concepts. However, in doing so the temporal-spatial consequences of the described events (locations and movement) are lost in the formalisation. This means that knowledge about the spatial aspects (such as orientation, dimension, scale, location and movement of a concept) cannot be efficiently described inside the ontology, even though it comprises valid and persistent knowledge about the domain. Spatial properties can only be dealt with in an ad-hoc manner while these are among the basic properties of physical concepts expressed in many ontologies.

The Solim project extends the ontology web language OWL so that it can support effective storage and reasoning on spatial information, and will demonstrate the power of such an extension with automatic processing of textual and graphical information.