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April 15, 2013

Latest customers using our technology

SEMLAB’s technology is used across a wide range of industries to assist companies and government organizations to efficiently implement flexible solutions to the knowledge management- and data processing problems they face. Every day and night, our platforms are quietly at work assisting banks, hospitals, law enforcement, media agencies and regulators to process and maximize their intelligence and other core assets.

Some of our latest testimonials coming from organizations we work with, include:

EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Brussels,  ICT,Competitiveness & Innovation, March 2013:

SEMLAB provides the most innovative solution in Language Technology in combination with high yield critical business processes, including financial services and risk management.

Nicolas Pratt, Machine Readable News-FOREX, April 2013:
As Machine Readable News gains further traction in FX, SEMLAB is extending its offerings.
The open platform from SEMLAB allows algorithmic traders from sell- and buy side to distinguish themselves when detecting news based information. Its natural language processing software combined with customizable event driven signals has become popular among the FX community, following the Equity Trading community.

According to Deutsche Boerse’s Market News International, Clint Rhea, COO,

In order to produce more tailored news feeds and signals, we entered into partnership with SEMLAB in order to disseminate more relevant content. Now we can tailor our events very quickly, adding value to our clients.

According to Bram Stalknecht, CEO SEMLAB, panelist at BATTLE OF THE QUANTS: Today’s algorithmic trading is not about macroeconomic market data nor sentiment signal from news providers. For the new generation algorithmic quant engineers, such as quants at WorldQuant, FirstNY, Graham Capital, Brevan Howard, Winton Capital, it’s more focused on creating proprietary decision models based on multiple sources, including news and social media.
Electronic execution is more commonplace accounting for over 60% of FX Trading while high frequency trading represents over 35% of FX trading volume, according to Aite Group statistics group.
This number will grow with SEMLAB offering complex event driven algo’s.

NASDAQ OMX, the US-based global exchange company, says Philip Adesso, Head of Analytics. There is a steadily growing interest in alpha generation within all asset classes. Mr. Adesso attributes the growth of machine readable news uptake to the evolution of FX algorithms which are now finally mirroring those in equity market. Algo’s based solely on pricing data are reaching a point where their value is exhausted. Dynamic algorithms that can act and react to market conditions like a human, need to consider many disparate prices of information. Machine readable news is arguably the most important piece, given that news precedes price, and machine readable news precedes scrolling news.


May 12, 2011

McKesson biedt NTS in samenwerking met SemLab

Nieuwegein, 10 mei 2011 – McKesson Nederland B.V. biedt de Nederlandse Triage Standaard (NTS) aan als onderdeel van X/Care SEH. Voor de ondersteuning van de NTS zijn SemLab en McKesson een samenwerkingsverband aangegaan waarbij SemLab MeditraNTS levert en McKesson de naadloze integratie voor haar rekening neemt binnen het ZIS/EPD.

MeditraNTS is een interactief systeem voor medische urgentiebepaling (triage). Specifiek ontwikkeld ter ondersteuning van de triagist(e) in de dokterspost, in de meldkamer ambulancedienst of op de spoedeisende hulp.

X/Care SEH ondersteunt al het Manchester Triage Systeem (MTS), het ziekenhuis heeft nu ook de keuze om NTS te gebruiken zonder ingrijpende veranderingen in X/Care SEH of het werkproces.

“Wij zijn erg blij met de samenwerking met McKesson – een van de grootste aanbieders van zorgoplossingen en bovendien een zeer succesvol Fortune 500 bedrijf”, zegt Bram Stalknecht, CEO van SemLab. “Softwareondersteuning bij urgentie-bepaling kan alleen kwaliteitsverhogend werken als het toepassen van de wetenschappelijk beproefde standaarden voor de gebruiker binnen het SEH zeer gemakkelijk gemaakt wordt. Met de integratie in de X/Care module is hier zeker aan voldaan.”

“Waarom SemLab? De keuze was eenvoudig. SemLab is dé specialist voor NTS software en diensten, heeft het NTS Keurmerk en MeditraNTS is een gebruikersvriendelijk product dat moeiteloos integreert binnen de bestaande procesondersteuning van X/Care SEH.”, aldus Bernard Bresser, product marketing manager McKesson.


April 22, 2011

Deutsche Börse announces ‘ AlphaFlash Corporate News Germany’

Deutsche Börse has issued a press release stating that their algo news feed AlphaFlash will now deliver unscheduled corporate financial data in machine-readable format. This is the first step in an expanding service. Additional news types and countries will be added later.

AlphaFlash is supported by SemLab’s semantic analysis technology.

To read the press release, follow this link: Deutsche Börse Media Announcements


November 29, 2010

Meditra NTS krijgt Keurmerk

Vandaag heeft het Nederlandse Huisartsen Genootschap (NHG) het Keurmerk NTS uitgereikt aan SemLab voor haar beslissingsondersteunende applicatie ‘Meditra NTS’.

Dit keurmerk bevestigt de positie van Meditra NTS als marktleider, door haar bijdrage aan de vergroting van de bereikbaarheid van huisartenposten en het faciliteren van snelle en efficiënte triage. Binnenkort zal hier een persbericht van de NHG van verschijnen.

Voor meer informatie: Meditra website


August 25, 2010

ViewerPro connects to Reuters Market Data System

ViewerPro, Semlab’s news flow algorithms and analytic suite, is now connected to Thomson Reuters Market Data Systems (RMDS). In order to interact and develop emerging news analysis tools, users can utilize a fully integrated RMDS news flow algo, based on SemLab’s superior semantic web technology.

For more information: Reuters RMDS website


February 18, 2010

ViewerPro now covers multiple European stock exchanges

ViewerPro was already connected to news sources such as Thomson Reuters, Dow Jones and various RSS feeds, and has now expanded by covering multiple European stock exchanges.

ViewerPro now incorporates the FTSE AllShare index (London), the AEX (Amsterdam), BEL20 (Brussels), DAX30 (Frankfurt) and the CAC40 (Paris), thereby automatically identifying news events for companies within the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.

In the nearby future, we will expand further to for example south European stock exchanges.


September 28, 2009

RTD Tango enhanced by SemLab’s ViewerPro

RTS logo
RTS Realtime Systems Group, the leading global trading solutions provider, announced that it has added an additional third party data provider to further strengthen its offering of low latency data and news feeds for algorithmic trading clients interested in event-based trading opportunities. RTS has integrated into RTD Tango, its algorithmic trading solution, feeds from SemLab’s ViewerPro, which provides computer-readable news within milliseconds of an event.

See the full RTS press release: Yahoo Finance