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Semlab AI DevOps latest investment: Powerhouse Beyond State of the Art AI: Autoregressive Modeling and DeepLearning GPU Rendering Workstation

SEMLAB invests in beyond state of the art AI Development:
For our pre-training on an extremely large corpora of data and fine tuning on specific tasks SEMLAB DevOps is modelling with Autoregressive Language Models, allowing to parse over 175 billion parameters.
We improve on the fly reasoning and domain adaptation on our artificial intelligence highly autonomous systems that outperform state of the art artificial intelligence solutions at most economically valuable work.

For our Machine Learning implementation in Java agile software processes, data-driven development, reliability, and responsible experimentation we improved our
Storage frameworks including Hadoop, S3, Snowflake, Spark, Flink, Cassandra, Dynamoand Kafka and Machine Learning frameworksTensorflow, Caffe and PyTorch.
In order to process big data sets the latest NVIDIA RTX Deep learning GPU Rendering workstations will be deployed.

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